You? We missed! And then

You? We missed! And then Without Sail a wind not smo zht to bear us on waves, and without Captain we let's go astray.

All friends absolutely agreed with Korab face also promised to return as soon as possible on the places.

But where Captain?


they cried.


We missed!

And then the old Captain, smiling, opened a cabin door.

It right there gave command: To lift a sail, a network in water.

The pirate, hold a wheel, we you we go to a way.

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Offer a similar

Offer a similar The child has to explain, than they differ among themselves an oval it is the extended circle.

Offer a similar task to the child concerning a square, a rhombus and a rectangle.

Put before the child: rhombus, square, rectangle, much square pentagon, triangle, circle, oval, circle with the rough outlines.

Show to the child one of these geometrical figures also ask it to find same among lying on a table.

DISTINCTION OF SIMILAR IMAGES You show to the child of pictures on which it is necessary to find some differences, the child has to find them.

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Then he sat down

Then he sat down Mother spoke to it: Fine, you already put on.

Everything that to you OST the elk to put on, these are your boots!

Oh, you have trousers on were torn on a seam.

It seems that all party can raspolz yew.

To sew up them on you, so far you stand, or it is better you will change clothes?

David after some thoughts spoke: I will change clothes after a breakfast.

Then he sat down to a table and poured to himself juice.

Well also spilled a little.

A rag in a sink mother spoke through shoulder, continuing to make for it a breakfast.

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Is not present

Is not present If you do not want that it blew in a whistle still five times, then refrain from speaking to it: You, of course, know how to reach it with the help go whistle of strong noise!

If you do not want, that it climbed to the very top of a short flight of stairs at a playground, not speak to it: You really know, how ispolzo to vat the muscles for a lasagna.

Is not present any crumple the niya, praise calls for repetition and manifestation efforts.

It is very strong thing.

Use it to a log hut ratelno.

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We find

We find Without having received desirable, the child plunges into himself and starts understanding that it is really necessary for him.

He understands that he actually first of all needs love, and having realized it, he makes discovery that he can be happy, even without having received the desirable.

We find examples of such inspired opening in the Vedic writing, for example, in ShrimadBkhagavatam.

There the history about one person who very long expected execution of the desires, and suddenly is described, having endured bitterness, dissatisfaction, anger, grief, felt that in it some happiness which is not connected with external circumstances for which he so strove grows.

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