Who always

Who always .

Hour sits at a cup of tea.

To put palms so that bucket turned out.

And where to hurry to that, To part hands in the parties, to exclaim surprise on a face.

Who always in the to the house?


Turtle INSECTS BEES Bees summer to rotate forefingers, representing bees fig.

Wings gold, That you sit to put hands on knees, In the field do not fly?

In perplexity to part before itself hands in the parties.

Al a dozhdichok secht you?

The fingertype game Rain see fig.

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Jim Wilson, family

Jim Wilson, family That the child grew the happy Having sorted a situation, you can show them borders them responsibility.

You can offer the child and to help it to think of other point of view more widely and men she to blame itself.

Jim Wilson, family therapist, Institute of family therapy, Cardiff Also other children, in osobennos can give support and a consolation ti if they had a similar experience.

It has to is optional about to proceed on a formal basis.

Opportunity to communicate and pros to play that with other children, that thus the parent not always could hear their conversation, give invaluable help.

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I was shocked

I was shocked Vivian Gross, director of clinic of Institute of family therapy Switch attention.

We are so anxious, that on shi children correctly understood that we spend a lot of time, showing them that they made incorrectly.

If the small the child at such early age learns taste of failure, is danger that it will become part of its image of, and to correct it it will be difficult see.

Correction without pressure and Descriptive praise.

I was shocked by my reaction.

I is valid was not the patient parent in spite of the fact that thought so.

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Before passing

Before passing We will give preference to swimming by a crawl on a back, as this the way unlike a crawl on a breast has no difficult technique of breath, that allows to pass to a proplyvaniye of rather big quickly distances.

Before passing to exercises on studying of technology of swimming crawl on a back and on a breast, it is necessary to examine equipment vypolne niya of separate elements of these ways of swimming.

TECHNOLOGY OF SWIMMING BY THE CRAWL ON THE BACK AND ON THE BREAST POSITION OF THE BODY When swimming by a crawl on a back the body borrows in water rather high, close to horizontal, well streamline situation, Ple The belt is located by Ceva a little above a basin, a basin and hips at a surface waters.

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How to avoid

How to avoid About % of offenses are caused group mi, but not certain children.

Discuss with the child that to him it is necessary to do if it appears in the company of offenders.

How to avoid to start being engaged in the same?

That, EU whether his friend starts offending other child costs subska to zat the phrase You are pleasant to me, but what you do is not present?

How to help the one who starts being offended?

Nobody benefits from offenses.

It can be most slozh ache information which it is necessary to inform to the child, a wasp benno if he already witnessed success of offenders and not zavidnost of a role of the victim.

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