The child

The child The child feels even more unprotected, even more attached.

First of all it concerns drug addiction.

The child has no opportunity to share, state everything that he worries, without listening to the reproaches, threats any morals in this plan, it is dragged right there to the expert in narcology, to the priest.

And it simply has no such environment where he can meet understanding that most to come to conclusion now I and itself am not glad to that I did.

It needs support and the main thing belief that he will be able to consult, and less uninvited help of psychologists and astrologers.

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Yes, I am proud

Yes, I am proud Run!

I led it in a garden.

She embraced me, a potselov la also reminded that it is necessary to run.

In minutes I returned.


You were without me!


Yes, I am proud of myself!

Morning of Friday.


Mothers, there are occupations in the children's today garden?



How to speak that children listened.


Then write down: I will sit with podruzh which.

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I took sweets, and these

I took sweets, and these It it seemed good idea.

I took sweets, and these poor ma lenky children so concentrated on candies that pros that was stopped thinking about my task and, certainly, ceased to derive from it pleasure.

I gave up after the first on tortures because it distracted them that they did.

I on thought that it is very bad.

Account It yields result of the reasons which I am not a pony to May because I never say that will occur, when I count to ten.

Perhaps, it is simple shows change of mood, says that I am now serious.

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B. Rolls

B. Rolls b.

Rolls are asked by a hippopotamus.



Hippopotamus Fig.


Hippopotamus PORCUPINE the Hedgehog bind fingers in the lock fig.

and, straighten fingers on one hand fig.


Grew ten times straighten fingers on the second hand The porcupine turned out!

slightly to rotate palms one relatively other fig.




Hedgehog Fig.


Hedgehog Fig.

Porcupine OSTRICH What for a bird?

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FIXING OF THE CORRECT Upon transition to a vowel the child can involve inside the lower jaw it is one of the ways return the naru tire speech exhalation.

Let puts forward the lower jaw a little forward.

The child upon transition to public and can widely try from to cover a mouth it it is impossible to allow.

FIXING OF THE CORRECT SPEECH EXHALATION Correct pronouncing: Now it is necessary to pass to natural pronouncing syllables.

A game the child has to trolirovat the exhalation only feeling dvi air zheniye on teeth and slightly on lips.

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