Sound ranks

Sound ranks Sound ranks in it case will look so: p, d, and, l, with, l', r, N, r' and etc.

Syllables ma, ro, dy, ly, ya, shu, whether, ra, bo, lyu and etc.

Approximate words: a cancer, the boat, a hole sounds a yama, a leaf, onions, rice, varnish, iodine, mouth etc.

Similarly be at loss for words, where sounds r and l are in the middle and at the end of the word.

sh at yu work on distinction of sounds in words in the middle and at the end of the word it is possible to combine with statement of a pronunciation of these sounds and them fixing.

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The teacher

The teacher Eleven!

A numerical row it was already entered during the work with a box This exercise serves the child for repetition.

The teacher specifies on number , takes the plate with number and inserts it into a double board over figure numbers He speaks: Eleven!

The teacher adds one more bead.

The child considers to It replaces the plate with number on the plate with number so that number turned out.

So continue work to number Now the child puts tenth separate bead.

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WAY II. STATEMENT When the child will say freely and unmistakably a sound with, tell him, what sound he learned to utter.


STATEMENT OF THE SOUND WITH ON THE BREATH Let the child, having slightly opened a mouth, will place flat wide language at the bottom of a mouth so that it on all perimeter filch concerned with the lower teeth.

Show it this articulation.

Then it has to close but not to clench teeth in the form of the correct bite and to extend lips in a smile.

In this situation after an exhalation shoulders have to be lowered the child has to soak up in himself a little air, so it is not enough, that it got on the tip of language and was felt on V If sound with it does not turn out whimper can simply be heard, means, the child made too deep breath.

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Though something

Though something Even the most ardent defenders of yaselny leaving keep a critical view of many children's centers with low standards and lack of financing.

Quality of leaving became the key phrase.

If there is a high quality, everything will be fine, it will be actually better than that you can give houses the state of affairs on the eve of was that, and not many dared to tell something other.

Though something was ready to move off dead center.

Briefly The first alarms arose on the basis of military experience when children were torn off from mothers in a wartime.

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And here, as we already

And here, as we already Opprobium can have externally quite harmless form of comparison, the naprikmer, with other child, but thus all the same to comprise a considerable share of violence.

And here, as we already spoke, serious risk for parents is that instead of representing the force protecting and helping it to develop and realikzovat the purposes in this life according to the taste of happiness for the child they can become one of three main types of sufferings whom the person in this Life faces.

How to find golden mean in punishment If parents are very strict in the education and Apply punishment in the form of ignorance or passion, in this case it gets to category, which on Sanskrit is called adkhibkhautikaflare.

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