Nicholas If you do not derive pleasure, you, as a rule, are obsessed with thoughts of failure.

If to receive pleasure, you want to continue, because you have a good time.

Nicholas Thaker, the psychologist, the expert in the field of education, now teaches Studying of culture and society at Sasseksa University That the child grew the happy Parents can make training pleasant occupation.

Prin tsip pleasures in early acquaintance of your child with game vy materials and books: if he associates for the book with embraces and pleasure, you waits excellent on chat.

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After you he has to repeat

After you he has to repeat Exercises for check of a sound pronunciation: After you the child has to repeat several times a sound in the isolated situation that is separately with.

After you he has to repeat words where this sound is in different positions at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the word.

It must be kept in mind that ringing paired consonants at the end words, and also before a breath consonant are deafened that is, on the example, will sound, as sh; the word a knife as burdens, the word a leg as leg, etc.

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The child

The child Then he reads row figures.

It mixes figures and repeats exercise.

For the following exercises separate red figures and a scarf are necessary; the empty box for spindles so is covered with a scarf that the child could not see figure on a back wall any more.

The child again displays figures before the relevant offices.

For control the scarf from a box is removed and compare red figures to figures on a back wall of a box; instead of spindles the child displays other subjects in offices of a box.

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And, in internal

And, in internal The solar sign in a horoscope of each person can be presented absolutely by other sign, other nature.

And therefore the person will show at the same time and this nature.

And, in internal otnoshekniya: the family relations, friendly we show the lunar nature and when we appear in society more, our solar prikroda starts dominating.

But the child of subjects is more ready to study sotrudnichest ru; to interaction with other people and to all roles which it should execute in society only when the most important and pressing need of its main, deep, emotional nature, the Moon nature is satisfied.

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When performing

When performing The child has to execute sliding on a breast back, trying to slip in a hoop.

You to polnyayta other options of sliding.

Ability to slide is a basis of skill of swimming and it it is necessary with to vershenstvovat on each following occupation.

When performing sliding the child can have such mistakes: a excessive lifting of the head; b excessive lowering of the head.

For correction of mistakes get back to shore and once again repeat the situation arrow fig.

, and then achieve correct vypolne sliding niya on water.

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