Games with

Games with It can be very useful to read together with children of the book about school to play in school with dolls, that at to teach children to such things as cool meetings or pokho dy in school cafeteria.

Games with pieces of chalk, paper, scissors, books and that is mute lovazhno, communication with other children will help to win against fear before school.

It is very good if your child obshchat sya with children with whom it will appear in one class it smyag chit transition from one way of life to another.

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To your

To your Read the first and second sections of a grant.

Carefully survey the speech of the child as at him it is possible to suspect heavy violation speeches which is called as an alaliya.

At this disease the speech at children independently does not develop in general or razviva Introduction you will find recommendations about an occasion of In the book how in distant shy it is best of all for you to work depending on results obsle giving.

To your child , , years.

The speech at it appeared in time, in he does not utter: separate sounds thus his speech is clear; a large number of sounds from what his speech is not legible.

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Researches Listen to that is necessary for girls a vyska to zat, very seriously, but understand that they, perhaps, races tell you not about everything.

There is also a back.

Researches specify that now the number of girls whom parents beat see grows.

time it not the decision and physically intimidate, and the number grows the young women condemned for the crimes connected with on siliy.

As girls start shaking with themselves last prick passivity and vulnerability, characteristic features niya, we have to grab at the chance to teach all children, girls and boys, to distinction between aggression and samoutverzh deniye see.

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_ The second

_ The second It is the first and main step in development spatial representations.

_ The second step is connected with development in the kid of thinking and speeches.

The child already starts understanding, and later and upoa treblyat such words as top, bottom, close, dalea to, ahead, behind, etc.

Game tasks This evident scheme will be for the child bridge between Aba straktny pretext and real space.

Now, using schematical pretexts and any pictures for example, from the game Artist or real subjects, soa to stavlyayta for each other the ciphered messages.

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Sometimes For this purpose he has to aim to himself in a palm vowel.

It is possible to tell in a different way: the vowel has to as if to fall to the child on a palm.

It also has to be felt on palms hot exhalation.

The vowel in a syllable has to be said very much briefly and with Uda rhenium.

Statement of a sound in a syllable Sometimes it is possible to put a sound at once in a syllable.

Sometimes a sound it is put separately, and then the child is trained to say with this sound syllables.

RULES OF STATEMENT To train the child best of all to say syllables with use pictures.

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