Terrifies Carine G.

Artificial feeding Success of feeding by a breast or small bottle in many respects depends on as far as most it is pleasant to you prinya I surround the ty decision and as far as you are supported shchy.

Terrifies me when women come to courses, holding back a small bottle and inventing all an opravd niya.

Yes who we are such to judge?

Christina Chittik, leader of prenatal courses Young mothers are told constantly two facts: that to a kormla the scientific research institute a breast is much better than artificial feeding and that ,% of women are capable to nurse.

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Then I will

Then I will John.

Well, tell me.


I need to think over it.


Think of it now and tell me.


I cannot.

But let's think, who or that mo zht to help us to find the answer.


I do not want to go to library and to look for.

Simply tell me.


I cannot answer this question without post early help, John.

Independence encouragement John.

Then I will ask the father.

And if he does not know, then I will ask William the pupil of the third class.

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Any remarks, even

Any remarks, even Any remarks, even from the best motives, it seems: Silly fellow, you to a necha go to be afraid can sound with love, but hurt to the child who tries to express the most real trevo gu.

Children test strong emotions and possess live voob razheniye, and it is clear to you that any sucking in bolo that could not hide in a drying cabinet in any way, and here to yours to the child no.

You from own experience know that a bathtub safe place, but for the kid who only learns the world, it can seem very terrible.

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Mirror hearing

Mirror hearing Answer the child that he knew that you understand him.

About sty, restrained responses can be accurate, but there is enough unostentatious not to break the continuity of ideas or a current speeches of the child.

They can be nonverbal, like gestures or the looks testifying that you understand it, or verbal, it seems Truth?

, Aha, It is necessary.

Mirror hearing I consider hearing as the base of close relations and family understanding on which is under construction all the rest.

Doro Marden, chairman of Executive committee Parental networks and coordinator of the Parental network In the worst cases he in general ceased to speak simply shouted at me: Aaaaa!

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, I started

, I started All my pupils benefited from your chapter about a praise.

One my pupil has a deficiency syndrome attention.

In nine months it handed over only three backs niya.

Having read How to speak.

, I started using Conclusion descriptive language to point to it to it put telny parties.

I started telling such things, as: You could count, or Oh, you found the mistake, or You continued to consider, did not receive pravil yet ny answer.

Next week it handed over all most simple tasks.

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