Parents can indulge

Parents can indulge Rules of a sharing are difficult and demand possession difficult sotsial ny skills inaccessible to most of kids, poet mu in similar situations are necessary parental patience, understanding and encouragement.

Also children should provide opportunity to practise, communicating with other people.

Not ask the senior children to concede always younger, as, on all probability, it will cause offense.

Parents can indulge requirements malen whom child.

For example, the child starting going constantly demands a toy of the senior child, and give rise the tel speaks: Simply give it, it your small the sister, and she does not understand.

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Family bring

Family bring Transition to firm food In Hinduism there is very important ceremony, mukebkhat, when to the child there are months and he for the first time tries firm food.

It is translated rice in a mouth, and usually in India it is the first time when the child tries food, poskol ku there very long nurse.

Family bring gifts, dress up the kid if it is the girl, that for the first time put on a sari and the small gold it crown, and on a face a sandalwood tree points draw.

This ceremony it is extremely important, it is the ritual meaning that the child survived and now passes to the following vital step.

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For it there

For it there Some kind of labor soglaksheniye when parents care of needs of dedukshka and grandmothers more is favorable, sponsoring them is material, resolve their household issues and questions of comfort, health and so on.

In turn, grandmothers, grandfathers care of education of children.

Level of relationship allows the child to perceive the grandmother so close, as well as mother.

For it there is no big difference in this sense.

And the grandmother as the person more free from the solution of material problems, is capable to give a lot of love and heat which can be, was not quite received by her children, as a certain debt to children.

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