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You? We missed! And then

Without Sail a wind not smo zht to bear us on waves, and without Captain we let's go astray.All friends absolutely agreed with Korab face also promised to return as soon as possible on the places.But where Captain?Captain!they cried.You?We missed!And then the old Captain, smiling, opened a cabin door.It right there gave command: To lift a sail, a network in water.The pirate, hold a wheel, we you we go to a way.

Offer a similar

The child has to explain, than they differ among themselves an oval it is the extended circle.Offer a similar task to the child concerning a square, a rhombus and a rectangle.Put before the child: rhombus, square, rectangle, much square pentagon, triangle, circle, oval, circle with the rough outlines.Show to the child one of these geometrical figures also ask it to find same among lying on a table.DISTINCTION OF SIMILAR IMAGES You show to the child of pictures on which it is necessary to find some differences, the child has to find them.

Then he sat down

Mother spoke to it: Fine, you already put on.Everything that to you OST the elk to put on, these are your boots!Oh, you have trousers on were torn on a seam.It seems that all party can raspolz yew.To sew up them on you, so far you stand, or it is better you will change clothes?David after some thoughts spoke: I will change clothes after a breakfast.Then he sat down to a table and poured to himself juice.Well also spilled a little.A rag in a sink mother spoke through shoulder, continuing to make for it a breakfast.

Is not present

If you do not want that it blew in a whistle still five times, then refrain from speaking to it: You, of course, know how to reach it with the help go whistle of strong noise!If you do not want, that it climbed to the very top of a short flight of stairs at a playground, not speak to it: You really know, how ispolzo to vat the muscles for a lasagna.Is not present any crumple the niya, praise calls for repetition and manifestation efforts.It is very strong thing.Use it to a log hut ratelno.

We find

Without having received desirable, the child plunges into himself and starts understanding that it is really necessary for him.He understands that he actually first of all needs love, and having realized it, he makes discovery that he can be happy, even without having received the desirable.We find examples of such inspired opening in the Vedic writing, for example, in ShrimadBkhagavatam.There the history about one person who very long expected execution of the desires, and suddenly is described, having endured bitterness, dissatisfaction, anger, grief, felt that in it some happiness which is not connected with external circumstances for which he so strove grows.

Who always

.Hour sits at a cup of tea.To put palms so that bucket turned out.And where to hurry to that, To part hands in the parties, to exclaim surprise on a face.Who always in the to the house?Fig.Turtle INSECTS BEES Bees summer to rotate forefingers, representing bees fig.Wings gold, That you sit to put hands on knees, In the field do not fly?In perplexity to part before itself hands in the parties.Al a dozhdichok secht you?The fingertype game Rain see fig.

Jim Wilson, family

That the child grew the happy Having sorted a situation, you can show them borders them responsibility.You can offer the child and to help it to think of other point of view more widely and men she to blame itself.Jim Wilson, family therapist, Institute of family therapy, Cardiff Also other children, in osobennos can give support and a consolation ti if they had a similar experience.It has to is optional about to proceed on a formal basis.Opportunity to communicate and pros to play that with other children, that thus the parent not always could hear their conversation, give invaluable help.

I was shocked

Vivian Gross, director of clinic of Institute of family therapy Switch attention.We are so anxious, that on shi children correctly understood that we spend a lot of time, showing them that they made incorrectly.If the small the child at such early age learns taste of failure, is danger that it will become part of its image of, and to correct it it will be difficult see.Correction without pressure and Descriptive praise.I was shocked by my reaction.I is valid was not the patient parent in spite of the fact that thought so.

Before passing

We will give preference to swimming by a crawl on a back, as this the way unlike a crawl on a breast has no difficult technique of breath, that allows to pass to a proplyvaniye of rather big quickly distances.Before passing to exercises on studying of technology of swimming crawl on a back and on a breast, it is necessary to examine equipment vypolne niya of separate elements of these ways of swimming.TECHNOLOGY OF SWIMMING BY THE CRAWL ON THE BACK AND ON THE BREAST POSITION OF THE BODY When swimming by a crawl on a back the body borrows in water rather high, close to horizontal, well streamline situation, Ple The belt is located by Ceva a little above a basin, a basin and hips at a surface waters.

How to avoid

About % of offenses are caused group mi, but not certain children.Discuss with the child that to him it is necessary to do if it appears in the company of offenders.How to avoid to start being engaged in the same?That, EU whether his friend starts offending other child costs subska to zat the phrase You are pleasant to me, but what you do is not present?How to help the one who starts being offended?Nobody benefits from offenses.It can be most slozh ache information which it is necessary to inform to the child, a wasp benno if he already witnessed success of offenders and not zavidnost of a role of the victim.

The child

The child feels even more unprotected, even more attached.First of all it concerns drug addiction.The child has no opportunity to share, state everything that he worries, without listening to the reproaches, threats any morals in this plan, it is dragged right there to the expert in narcology, to the priest.And it simply has no such environment where he can meet understanding that most to come to conclusion now I and itself am not glad to that I did.It needs support and the main thing belief that he will be able to consult, and less uninvited help of psychologists and astrologers.

Yes, I am proud

Run!I led it in a garden.She embraced me, a potselov la also reminded that it is necessary to run.In minutes I returned.Ya.You were without me!Rachelle.Yes, I am proud of myself!Morning of Friday.Rachelle.Mothers, there are occupations in the children's today garden?Ya.Yes.How to speak that children listened.Rachelle.Then write down: I will sit with podruzh which.

I took sweets, and these

It it seemed good idea.I took sweets, and these poor ma lenky children so concentrated on candies that pros that was stopped thinking about my task and, certainly, ceased to derive from it pleasure.I gave up after the first on tortures because it distracted them that they did.I on thought that it is very bad.Account It yields result of the reasons which I am not a pony to May because I never say that will occur, when I count to ten.Perhaps, it is simple shows change of mood, says that I am now serious.

B. Rolls


Upon transition to a vowel the child can involve inside the lower jaw it is one of the ways return the naru tire speech exhalation.Let puts forward the lower jaw a little forward.The child upon transition to public and can widely try from to cover a mouth it it is impossible to allow.FIXING OF THE CORRECT SPEECH EXHALATION Correct pronouncing: Now it is necessary to pass to natural pronouncing syllables.A game the child has to trolirovat the exhalation only feeling dvi air zheniye on teeth and slightly on lips.

Sound ranks

Sound ranks in it case will look so: p, d, and, l, with, l', r, N, r' and etc.Syllables ma, ro, dy, ly, ya, shu, whether, ra, bo, lyu and etc.Approximate words: a cancer, the boat, a hole sounds a yama, a leaf, onions, rice, varnish, iodine, mouth etc.Similarly be at loss for words, where sounds r and l are in the middle and at the end of the word.sh at yu work on distinction of sounds in words in the middle and at the end of the word it is possible to combine with statement of a pronunciation of these sounds and them fixing.

The teacher

Eleven!A numerical row it was already entered during the work with a box This exercise serves the child for repetition.The teacher specifies on number , takes the plate with number and inserts it into a double board over figure numbers He speaks: Eleven!The teacher adds one more bead.The child considers to It replaces the plate with number on the plate with number so that number turned out.So continue work to number Now the child puts tenth separate bead.


Though something

Even the most ardent defenders of yaselny leaving keep a critical view of many children's centers with low standards and lack of financing.Quality of leaving became the key phrase.If there is a high quality, everything will be fine, it will be actually better than that you can give houses the state of affairs on the eve of was that, and not many dared to tell something other.Though something was ready to move off dead center.Briefly The first alarms arose on the basis of military experience when children were torn off from mothers in a wartime.

And here, as we already

Opprobium can have externally quite harmless form of comparison, the naprikmer, with other child, but thus all the same to comprise a considerable share of violence.And here, as we already spoke, serious risk for parents is that instead of representing the force protecting and helping it to develop and realikzovat the purposes in this life according to the taste of happiness for the child they can become one of three main types of sufferings whom the person in this Life faces.How to find golden mean in punishment If parents are very strict in the education and Apply punishment in the form of ignorance or passion, in this case it gets to category, which on Sanskrit is called adkhibkhautikaflare.


If you do not derive pleasure, you, as a rule, are obsessed with thoughts of failure.If to receive pleasure, you want to continue, because you have a good time.Nicholas Thaker, the psychologist, the expert in the field of education, now teaches Studying of culture and society at Sasseksa University That the child grew the happy Parents can make training pleasant occupation.Prin tsip pleasures in early acquaintance of your child with game vy materials and books: if he associates for the book with embraces and pleasure, you waits excellent on chat.

After you he has to repeat

Exercises for check of a sound pronunciation: After you the child has to repeat several times a sound in the isolated situation that is separately with.After you he has to repeat words where this sound is in different positions at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the word.It must be kept in mind that ringing paired consonants at the end words, and also before a breath consonant are deafened that is, on the example, will sound, as sh; the word a knife as burdens, the word a leg as leg, etc.

The child

Then he reads row figures.It mixes figures and repeats exercise.For the following exercises separate red figures and a scarf are necessary; the empty box for spindles so is covered with a scarf that the child could not see figure on a back wall any more.The child again displays figures before the relevant offices.For control the scarf from a box is removed and compare red figures to figures on a back wall of a box; instead of spindles the child displays other subjects in offices of a box.

And, in internal

The solar sign in a horoscope of each person can be presented absolutely by other sign, other nature.And therefore the person will show at the same time and this nature.And, in internal otnoshekniya: the family relations, friendly we show the lunar nature and when we appear in society more, our solar prikroda starts dominating.But the child of subjects is more ready to study sotrudnichest ru; to interaction with other people and to all roles which it should execute in society only when the most important and pressing need of its main, deep, emotional nature, the Moon nature is satisfied.

When performing

The child has to execute sliding on a breast back, trying to slip in a hoop.You to polnyayta other options of sliding.Ability to slide is a basis of skill of swimming and it it is necessary with to vershenstvovat on each following occupation.When performing sliding the child can have such mistakes: a excessive lifting of the head; b excessive lowering of the head.For correction of mistakes get back to shore and once again repeat the situation arrow fig., and then achieve correct vypolne sliding niya on water.

Games with

It can be very useful to read together with children of the book about school to play in school with dolls, that at to teach children to such things as cool meetings or pokho dy in school cafeteria.Games with pieces of chalk, paper, scissors, books and that is mute lovazhno, communication with other children will help to win against fear before school.It is very good if your child obshchat sya with children with whom it will appear in one class it smyag chit transition from one way of life to another.

To your

Read the first and second sections of a grant.Carefully survey the speech of the child as at him it is possible to suspect heavy violation speeches which is called as an alaliya.At this disease the speech at children independently does not develop in general or razviva Introduction you will find recommendations about an occasion of In the book how in distant shy it is best of all for you to work depending on results obsle giving.To your child , , years.The speech at it appeared in time, in he does not utter: separate sounds thus his speech is clear; a large number of sounds from what his speech is not legible.


Listen to that is necessary for girls a vyska to zat, very seriously, but understand that they, perhaps, races tell you not about everything.There is also a back.Researches specify that now the number of girls whom parents beat see grows.time it not the decision and physically intimidate, and the number grows the young women condemned for the crimes connected with on siliy.As girls start shaking with themselves last prick passivity and vulnerability, characteristic features niya, we have to grab at the chance to teach all children, girls and boys, to distinction between aggression and samoutverzh deniye see.

_ The second

It is the first and main step in development spatial representations._ The second step is connected with development in the kid of thinking and speeches.The child already starts understanding, and later and upoa treblyat such words as top, bottom, close, dalea to, ahead, behind, etc.Game tasks This evident scheme will be for the child bridge between Aba straktny pretext and real space.Now, using schematical pretexts and any pictures for example, from the game Artist or real subjects, soa to stavlyayta for each other the ciphered messages.


For this purpose he has to aim to himself in a palm vowel.It is possible to tell in a different way: the vowel has to as if to fall to the child on a palm.It also has to be felt on palms hot exhalation.The vowel in a syllable has to be said very much briefly and with Uda rhenium.Statement of a sound in a syllable Sometimes it is possible to put a sound at once in a syllable.Sometimes a sound it is put separately, and then the child is trained to say with this sound syllables.RULES OF STATEMENT To train the child best of all to say syllables with use pictures.


Carine G.Artificial feeding Success of feeding by a breast or small bottle in many respects depends on as far as most it is pleasant to you prinya I surround the ty decision and as far as you are supported shchy.Terrifies me when women come to courses, holding back a small bottle and inventing all an opravd niya.Yes who we are such to judge?Christina Chittik, leader of prenatal courses Young mothers are told constantly two facts: that to a kormla the scientific research institute a breast is much better than artificial feeding and that ,% of women are capable to nurse.

Then I will

John.Well, tell me.Ya.I need to think over it.John.Think of it now and tell me.Ya.I cannot.But let's think, who or that mo zht to help us to find the answer.John.I do not want to go to library and to look for.Simply tell me.I.I cannot answer this question without post early help, John.Independence encouragement John.Then I will ask the father.And if he does not know, then I will ask William the pupil of the third class.

Any remarks, even

Any remarks, even from the best motives, it seems: Silly fellow, you to a necha go to be afraid can sound with love, but hurt to the child who tries to express the most real trevo gu.Children test strong emotions and possess live voob razheniye, and it is clear to you that any sucking in bolo that could not hide in a drying cabinet in any way, and here to yours to the child no.You from own experience know that a bathtub safe place, but for the kid who only learns the world, it can seem very terrible.

Mirror hearing

Answer the child that he knew that you understand him.About sty, restrained responses can be accurate, but there is enough unostentatious not to break the continuity of ideas or a current speeches of the child.They can be nonverbal, like gestures or the looks testifying that you understand it, or verbal, it seems Truth?, Aha, It is necessary.Mirror hearing I consider hearing as the base of close relations and family understanding on which is under construction all the rest.Doro Marden, chairman of Executive committee Parental networks and coordinator of the Parental network In the worst cases he in general ceased to speak simply shouted at me: Aaaaa!

, I started

All my pupils benefited from your chapter about a praise.One my pupil has a deficiency syndrome attention.In nine months it handed over only three backs niya.Having read How to speak., I started using Conclusion descriptive language to point to it to it put telny parties.I started telling such things, as: You could count, or Oh, you found the mistake, or You continued to consider, did not receive pravil yet ny answer.Next week it handed over all most simple tasks.

Parents can indulge

Rules of a sharing are difficult and demand possession difficult sotsial ny skills inaccessible to most of kids, poet mu in similar situations are necessary parental patience, understanding and encouragement.Also children should provide opportunity to practise, communicating with other people.Not ask the senior children to concede always younger, as, on all probability, it will cause offense.Parents can indulge requirements malen whom child.For example, the child starting going constantly demands a toy of the senior child, and give rise the tel speaks: Simply give it, it your small the sister, and she does not understand.

Family bring

Transition to firm food In Hinduism there is very important ceremony, mukebkhat, when to the child there are months and he for the first time tries firm food.It is translated rice in a mouth, and usually in India it is the first time when the child tries food, poskol ku there very long nurse.Family bring gifts, dress up the kid if it is the girl, that for the first time put on a sari and the small gold it crown, and on a face a sandalwood tree points draw.This ceremony it is extremely important, it is the ritual meaning that the child survived and now passes to the following vital step.

For it there

Some kind of labor soglaksheniye when parents care of needs of dedukshka and grandmothers more is favorable, sponsoring them is material, resolve their household issues and questions of comfort, health and so on.In turn, grandmothers, grandfathers care of education of children.Level of relationship allows the child to perceive the grandmother so close, as well as mother.For it there is no big difference in this sense.And the grandmother as the person more free from the solution of material problems, is capable to give a lot of love and heat which can be, was not quite received by her children, as a certain debt to children.


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